Booking for counselling, workshop and training for individuals, couples, groups, communities or companies, contact us about our fees and services.  Fees are reasonable and services are unique to meet your needs and achieve personal goals. Book today for an appointment.


Please provide 24 hours’ notice if needing to cancel or postpone an appointment.  

Counselling most often requires more than one session, therefore, we have put together some packages to provide adequate support to meet your goal(s). These are: 

  • Five Session Package
  • In Person: 50 minutes Individual/ Couples Session.

Our Fees

Counselling services are not covered under the Medical Services Plan of BC. Occasionally counselling costs are covered by some extended health benefits plan. Please check with your service providers, and contact us about our rates and counselling services.

o Counselling Services:

  • Initial 30 minutes’ consultation: FREE
  • Counselling sessions  In-person

                        · Individuals (50 minutes) per session $120+ GST

                        · Couples or family (90 minutes) per session $225+GST

                        · Group therapy (50 minutes) per session $75+GST

o Workshops: Groups

  • Group $1000.00 per day/ 6 hours’ session and $500.00 for presentation up to for 3 hours
  • Travel and accommodation will be added for workshops outside the city of Prince George, BC.

o Consultation Services (Half day): $900.00

o Consultation Services (Full day): $1800.00

o Form, Letter writing, Clinical Document Reviews

  • 50 minutes  of work $100.00

*All payments must be prepaid and are non-refundable.

*Payment option: cash, cheque, e-transfer, American Express, credit or debit card. You will be provided a receipt at the end of each session which may be used for your tax purposes.